CNG Compression Packages

SAVAIR combines the world’s best Compression technology of GE and their package engineering expertise to offer the CNG package and complete CNG fuelling solution in the most simplified format to the world. It combines more than a century of SAVAIR management experience of engineering, packaging, instrumentation, maintenance and EPC execution expertise…. It has been always the philosophy in SAVAIR to offer the equipments and packages with minimum life cycle cost.

SAVAIR’s packaging facility is optimized for CNG & Process Gas compressor packaging, precise heavy fabrication, and process equipment manufacturing. Our package facilities have been approved by world leaders of gas compressors like GE and CGD Companies like Mahanagar Gas Limited and Gujarat Gas Limited etc….The Plug and play design ensures easy installation and minimum site work and early commissioning.

Our CNG Package offering includes wide range of applications of Capacity of 300 SCMH to 3200 SCMH, with suction pressure variation from 0.5 to 65 bar pressure and delivering to 255 bar pressure.

  • Needless to say the equipments and instruments are chosen from the world’s best for better process reliability and worldwide service availability.  While we offer the options of motor and engine driven packages; we are also ready to offer the option of Caterpillar, Waukesha or Cummins engines. 

  • Our standard package consists of Compressor, prime over, process coolers, gas recovery tank with blow down system, PLC panels, priority panels, complete set of instruments, fire & gas leak detection system, internal tubing, internal wiring and safety valves.

  • The PLC controls of industrial grade with explosion proof enclosures and instruments are chosen again from the best international vendors for its technology, process reliability, safety and international service support network. All the packages are equipped with maintenance trending, remote connectivity and mobile alerts to make operation and maintenance all the more user-friendly and simple. 

GE Compression Technology

Compressor is the most critical equipment in this package. The compressors are chosen from GE oil & gas design and manufactures advanced compression technologies, having a fleet of more than 18000 installation of high speed compressor worldwide. It’s designed for maximum uptime, minimum maintenance, high reliability and high energy efficiency. It’s tandem and couple free design giving virtually vibration free, quiet operation. Variable clearance pocket for controlling the capacity also avoids frequent start stop of the compressor during low demand of fuelling.

Key Highlights :-

  • World’s best GE compressor block inside
  • Patented Couple free design
  • Energy Efficient & Highly reliable
  • More uptime and less maintenance
  • Less noise level with acoustic canopy.
  • Complete Product Range ( Capacity & Pressure )
  • International Quality and Aesthetics of SAVAIR packaging
  • Less life cycle cost
  • Remote Connectivity & Mobile alerts

Design and safety standards :

The packages are designed to meet international safety standards. All our packages are equipped with fire, gas detection and CO2 flooding system to ensure complete safety.  The systems are built using international engineering standards of ISO, API, ASME and OSHA are followed in designing.

Design is our strength. Torsional Analysis, Pulsation Study, Thermal Optimization, Piping & Skid stress analysis etc. are done using renowned latest software. Three modeling ensures compact design with minimum foot print / space requirements and also ensuring adequate accessibility.

Spares & Service :

Savair is always fully equipped to offer customer service support 24/7 to meet the clients requirement. We are now also ready to undertake operation and maintenance contracts for uninterrupted operation of the units. All equipments and instruments are chosen from the world’s renowned manufacturers who have worldwide network for spares and services.

Turnkey solution :

Our turnkey offer with compact design not only gives you one stop solution but also our technical specification gives a minimum CAPEX and OPEX for the operator.

With three decades of our gas compression with oil and gas experience in executing dozens of complex brown field EPC compression projects of reciprocating, centrifugal and screw in record time; we offer a complete simplified solution for fueling station with complete turnkey scope of CNG compressor, dispensers, cascades, pre- engineered sheds and all utility support system with complete detailed engineering of civil / structural....

While we offer our turnkey solution to our customer worldwide, we are ready to offer a Varity of brands and makes in all equipments and instruments except CNG Compressor; which is heart of the package which only rely on GE Compression technology.

Above all SAVAIR is the channel partner for GE Compression for packaging their high speed reciprocating compressors for India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. With the, savair can provide a complete range of gas compressor for oil & gas as well as any other application

Customers :

SAVAIR is already rendering our services to the leading City Gas Distribution Companies such as Mahanagar Gas Limited, Gujarat Gas Limited, Indraprastha Gas Limited, Assam Gas Company Limited, Vadodara Gas Limited and most of the private players such as Megha Engineering Infrastructure in India.

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