Skids & Packages

Savair is a specialist in designing and manufacturing of skids and packages, customized for the Oil & Gas industry and Strategic institutes.

Savair commenced the packaging business with air compressors and is presently an integrated provider of Skids & Packages for the Oil & Gas segment as well as for strategic institutes. Savair has strategic tie-ups with large global companies providing our customers an access to cutting-edge technology.

Our offering covers the entire range of skidded packages - from custody metering to process gas compressor and gas filtration systems, H2S treatment with process guarantee. Our plant is certified by reputed third party inspection agencies for manufacturing these skids.

In packaging, we offer compressed air package, process gas compressor, liquid / gas fuel filtering skids, fuel gas conditioning system, H2S treating system, fuel gas heaters, liquid / gas metering skids, dosing tank skid with pumps, IUG skid, amine treating and glycol dehydration skid.

Skid packages are offered for various applications. They are normally transported to site and post assembly and functional testing the system is ready to plug in and start. This avoids need for any activities on site with piping and other electrical and instrumentation to meet customer specification. This service saves space and substantial time in project commissioning. A quick turn-around ensures early commissioning of the plant leading to substantial cost savings.

In the past we have handled a variety of skid packages for the Oil and Gas sector and Strategic Institutes. Our design engineering team is fully tuned to meet the challenges of manufacturing any skids which meets the client’s requirement.

Our Portfolio includes:

  • Compressed Air Skid
  • Instruments compressor package
  • Process Gas Compressor Package
  • Fuel Filtering Skids
  • Gas Conditioning System
  • Gas Heaters
  • Metering Skids
  • Dosing Tank Skids with Pump
  • IUG Skid
  • Unfired Pressure Vessels (U-Stamped)
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Glycol Dehydration System
  • Air Intake Filtration System
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